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Mona Lisa

I painted this copy of the famous Mona Lisa during the
autumn 2004 and finished it in the spring 2005.
It was not exactly easy to paint Mona Lisa but i found the
prosess educating and interesting. I used around 400 hours
to finish this copy of Mona Lisa.
I am rather pleased with "my" Mona Lisa.

Actually it was kind of weird to have a Mona Lisa in my home
before it was sendt to Baltimore where it is now.

Other copies of Mona Lisa

I have seen a lot of other copies of Mona Lisa but i figure my
Mona Lisa is the best one ever made.

Therefore i want to show my Mona Lisa at an exhibition.
Next year (2009) during february it will be possible to see
my copy of Mona Lisa at Delaware art Museum.

This copy of Mona Lisa was painted for many reasons. One of them is that it is in year 2007 exactly 500 years since the original was made.
There has been some disagreement whether it was finished in 1506 or earlier. In Louvre museum in Paris, the information about this is that the original was finished in the year 1506. So therefore it is 500 years ago in 2007.

Mona lisa has been copied since the original Mona lisa was painted, also known as La Gioconda. Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503 and worked at it for three or four years.
He brought the Mona Lisa with him for the rest of his life, and therefore it might be possible that he from time to time could have painted on the Mona Lisa until he died in 1519. Mona Lisa was not well known until the mid-19th century.
Mona Lisa is named for Lisa del Giocondo, a member of the Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany and the wife of wealthy Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo.

Mona Lisa stolen

Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 by an employee who was hiding in a closet and waiting for the museum to close. After closing time he walked out with the Mona Lisa under his coat. It took two years before they found out who the thief was. The thief attempted to sell the Mona Lisa to the Uffizi gallery in Florence and was then caught.

The famous Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting ever. Crowds are gathering in front of the Mona Lisa painting every day. I would not be surprised if there will come more fantastic stories based up on this artist and his most popular and genious painting, the Mona Lisa.

My Mona Lisa in the future

Hopefully my copy of Mona Lisa will be looked at as a useful copy in the future, when artists wants to study how it is possible to paint like i did using the sfumato technique. I am afraid the original Mona Lisa is already
"falling apart". My Mona Lisa is painted on thick solid wood, and the colours is put on technically correctly as far as i know. This knowledge is based upon what i learned at art school, which is knowledge got from experts working whith problems like that for hundreds of years.
Therefore i believe that my Mona Lisa will last for at least a thousand year.
So my vision is that people in the far future from now will study my copy
of Mona Lisa to get an idea of how the original Mona Lisa was painted

The original Mona Lisa in the future

As i mentioned above, i am afraid that the original Mona Lisa is "falling apart". The paint is cracking up, the colours are getting darker and darker, and yellow colour in the painting are getting more and more green. And so on. I think the original Mona Lisa possibly might look ok for a hundred years more from now.
Maybe computers in the near futere will be able to paint a close to perfect copy of Mona Lisa, but anyway i think my copy will still be more popular.

No mather what, i guess the original Mona Lisa painting will still be the most famous artwork 500years from now.